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about SOUNDears

SOUNDears are headphones consisting of a pair of Earbags with attached loudspeakers, for stereo listening or two-way-communication. They are ideal for those who want to either listen to music or talk on the phone or another communication device in cold or windy weather.

They have been developed as a result of a demand to include loudspeaker into the Earbags. The idea came from many people who feel uncomfortable wearing in-ear loudspeakers and rather prefer to have them against their ears. In the SOUNDears the loudspeaker is attached to the Earbags positioning them close to the ear. It is easy to detach the speakers from the Earbags for washing purposes.

The high-quality speakers give you a perfect sound quality and you can still hear the sound of the surroundings (important in traffic conditions) since this is not blocked out as is the case with most headphones covering the ears.

The earphones are perfect for iPod or MP3, portable, CD, radio and other audio units. The comfort when listening for a longer period without having anything in the ear is relieving even at times when it is not cold and windy.

There are several consumer groups which should find SOUNDears most interesting. Youngsters and sportsmen wearing head phones for music and radio entertainment purposes are probably the most important customer groups.

Besides the very large group of mobile phone users there are many others who would benefit from the use of SOUNDears i.e. the police, security guards, military personal, hunters and probably many others who need to communicate by radio or by phone in a cold climate. These groups are today mostly using a plastic device around the ear holding a loudspeaker and a microphone. This device is normally very cold and do not stay firmly in place when fast movements are needed. They cannot easily be combined with a cap, and sometimes it is not even possible.

For people whom have already bought Earbags, the SOUNDears are offered as an accessory which can be bought separately.

For easy storing when not used, a pouch will be delivered together with the SOUNDears or even with the electronic part.

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