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Advertising Medium

All Earbags-products [earbags, SOUNDears, Glooove] are a perfect advertising medium. Show your logo or company name in a very discreet but yet very visible way. Logos on Earbags can be stitched or added by heat embossing. They can be added by transfer-print, screen-print, laser-cut lables or different other types of application-techniques. Even pictures can be added!

Assorted earbags

  1. The first sample on this site shows the NRJ-logo, which is stitched to each Earbag with 2.043 stitches. Stitching has it´s limitations, if the logo ist too detailed. In this case other techniques would be a better option.

  2. The second sample shows the Eurosport-logo which was made by adding a laser-cut, woven logo on the Earbag´s micro fleece. Other than with classic stitching, this technique is able to show very detailed and colorful logos.

  3. The third sample is a combination of the logo of the Olympic wintergames 2006 in Turin and the logo of the SANPAOLO bank. In this case we used screen-print. This allows lots of colors and details to be shown.

  4. The fourth sample (NICKELODEON-logo) shows an Earbags with flocking on standard fleece Earbags. We would recommend to use micro fleece as basic material when flocking is the technique of choice, as this combination works better. Standard would be one color. But 2 to 3 colors are possible with a small upcharge.

  5. The fifth sample, the Stella McCartney/Adidas logo-combination, was made by using transfer printing. This thechnique allows the most details of all option. A little disadvantage is, that the print can feel a little stiff.

  6. The sixth sample shows the Cevitt-logo. This was applied by heat embossing. This option is the cheapest and most discreet of all variations. But still even small details are visible, if you give it a closer look.

  7. The last sample shows a combination of an Earbag with a rubber-embossing. This allows colorful logos on Earbags with completely different base colors. 

All Earbags are delivered in a transparent polybag. To make it more prestigious, it is possible to deliver the Earbags in a nylon-bag or in a neoprene-bag. These bags could be deliverd incl. logo, too!