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Earbags and Olympics

Tom´s idea!

Everything started during the Olympic wintergames 1994 in Lillehammer/Norway. The whole time the weather was great but very cold. Tom had an aversion to caps and headbands. But he felt the need to protect his ears against the frost. So he used his hands. After about one week of standing, watching and covering his ears with his hands, the idea for earbags was born. The name Earbags came to his mind during his 8 hour drive back home to Sweden when seeing „Airbag“ on the steering wheel of his car.

The Olympic Wintergames 1998

Fortunately there is a period of 4 years between the games. This gave Tom enough time to prepare for the next games in Nagano. Tom Natvig was present, when the Norwegian team won gold and silver and finished fourth and seventh in the slalom competiton. This results brought a lot of attention to the Norwegian team and the Earbags that were ready for the market now. Additionally Earbags were given out to the visitors of the Olympic village.

The Olympic Wintergames 2002

Earbags were presented during the Olympics in 2002 in Salt Lake City also. This time including the licensed logo! Two nations showed up with their own custom-Earbags. The Swedish team had it´s flag and the Norwegian team had it´s flag plus the Olympic logo on the Earbags. For this reason Earbags where present in different media and on different spots during the Olympic games. Earbags where shown on TV (NBC´s „today“-show), the security was using Earbags and the Wall Street Journal covered Earbags in an article.

To see a video about Earbag´s success during the Olympic games in Salt Lake city, klick here.

para2002.jpgThe picture shows the Swedish participants of the Paralympics. All with Earbags with the Swedish flag.


The Olympic Wintergames 2006

Earbags was a licensed product of the Olympic games in Turin/Italy 2006. 19.000 volunteers were using Earbags during the games and several European teams had Earbags with their flags on it. To purchase earbags with the flag of your country, please visit our webshop.


The picture shows eleven examples of Earbags that where produced for the different teams of the countries that are marked in the map. Maybe you saw your own team wearing earbags?


VancouverThe Canadian licensee of Earbags bought the rights to produce Earbags with the logo of the Olympic games in Vancouver/Canada 2010.