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Hats off! This is how cap & co do not destroy the hair:

FRAMELESS EAR WARMERS – The people from the home of the original Swedish Earbags have a lot of experience with cold weather. They believe that it should be easy and comfortable to keep themselves warm. Earbags are practical: They surround the ears completely, they do not need a bow that destroys the hair and sit even in rough weather. Earbags fit to your clothing style and correspond with many colors and materials.


(( earbags | Kids

 There are also two special models for children – with or without ribbon and clip to attach the earbags on the clothes. They are knitted in cute designs, embroidered or printed. 


(( earbags | Standard


Standard Earbags are perfect for your daily routine, such as sports, walking, jogging and on your way to work. They have a soft and smooth ground on the inside and outside. They are available in three different sizes.


(( earbags | Fashion

The fashion Earbags are available in different sizes and in a variety of models: leather, artificial fur, knitted and printed. Combine freely according to your style!


(( earbags | for Hearing Aids

Most users of a hearing aid suffer from disturbing noises while cycling. When ear and hearing aid are covered with earbags, this noise is almost completely eliminated. Nevertheless, no ambient noise is removed. Earbags for hearing aid wearers are more spacious compared to standard earbags, so that they not only surround the ear but also the hearing aid outside the ear. In addition, hearing aids can feel quite cold in winter. Therefore, another advantage of wearing earbags is that the plastic is kept warm by the fleece. This also extends the lifetime of the battery of the hearing aid. A test at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm shows that the disturbing wind noise is reduced by 95 % at a speed of 40 km/ h! For the complete test, please click here

(( earbags | Adventure

 The windproof Adventure Earbags are ideal for extreme sports such as mountaineering, snowboarding and skiing. They have a long elastic cord with a clip that you simply can attach to your clothing.


(( earbags | Helmet

Helmet-Earbags are almost windproof and therefore excellently suitable for cycling, horseback riding, ice skating and climbing. They have elastic ribbons, which are looped around the helmets. If you are sweating and wanting to cool your head, you can simply snap the earbags away. These earbags can also be used without a helmet: simply pull the ribbon and they will hide inside.