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(( earbags | GLOVES made with Glooove Fleece Woven Label

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Article-no: 10010743

Glooove-fleece is a special fabric made of 93 % polyester and 7 % spandex with excellent comfort properties. Perfect for Gloves!

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Super flexible Glooove-Fleece Gloves (Three Sizes: S-Kids, M-Ladies, L-Mens) There are many fleece gloves on the market, but if they are not the right size, you throw them aside quickly instead of wearing them. This is completely different with this Glove! By using the special 4-way stretch material "Glooove", the Gloves are both longitudinally and transversely elastic.

The also have an excellent fit by gently forming around the hands. They provide unrestricted freedom of movement, are lightweight and keep you warm while feeling classy. They are just right for outdoor activities or city strolls, whether the wearer is sporty or elegantly dressed.

Glooove fleece is a special material made of 93% polyester and 7% spandex with excellent feel-good properties:

  • Smooth thanks to 4-way stretch
  • Super soft
  • Light and very warm
  • Glooove is pure wellness for the skin

Glooove Gloves are super soft, fashionable and just feel good. They are perfect for outdoor activities.

Material composition: 93% Polyester, 7% Spandex


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