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(( earbags | HELMET Ear Warmers with Band for Helmets

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Earbags - Earmuffs without frame! Does not slip and your hairstyle stays perfect. Fashionable colors, great styles and finally: Warm ears without attracting attention!

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Helmet Earbags are ideal for activities such as cycling, horse riding, ice skating and rock climbing. They are worn by adults and children alike, layman and professionals.
These Earbags have elastic bands that are looped around the helmet straps.

If you sweat while cycling, in traffic or in a race or just want to cool your head, you do not have to struggle with pockets, just flick them away!

And if they should fall off accidentally, they are still clinging to the helmet, so you do not have to stop and go back to look for them.

These Earbags can also be used without a helmet, simply pull in the bands inside the Earbags - and nobody will see them.

Earbags adapt to your ears and keep them warm! We believe it should be easy, comfortable and fashionable to stay warm! You do not like caps or headbands? Nor can you wear hats or headbands under your helmet while cycling or working? Then you should test these innovative Earbags!

Hats off! How cap & co. do not destroy the hairstyle:

The folks from the home of the original Swedish Earbags have loads of experience in cold weather. They think it should be easy and comfortable stay warm.

Earbags are handy: They surround the ears directly, don't need a headband that destroys your hairstyle and sit even in inclement weather.
Earbags are available in dozens of colors and materials to match your clothing and style. They fit perfectly under any helmet or hat and will stay firm even in the harshest weather. Earbags are fashionable.

See for yourself! Say goodbye to cold ears!

Material composition: 100% polyester fleece

Earbags can be washed by hand (except leather and suede) and can be used for years.


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